Parental Mental Health Early Years

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Living in a household where parents or carers have mental health problems doesn’t necessarily mean a child will experience abuse or negative consequences. Most parents are able to give their children safe and loving care, despite their mental state. However, there is always a risk that parental mental health problems can have a negative impact on children.

This course will make sure you understand the effects parental mental health issues can have on family and children.

The learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  1. To know what mental health is
  2. To understand the effects it can have on family and children
  3. To know the overall impact of mental health
  4. To be aware of the possible negative impact it can have (e.g. child abuse)
  5. To understand the importance of a risk assessment
  6. To know who to refer a concern to and how to do it

This course will ensure your practice is in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, The Early Years Framework and The Foundation Phase. It will also support your continuous professional development in line with the Early Years Teachers Standards.

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UNIT Three

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Unit Four

The learning outcome review is designed to ascertain what the learner has learnt & how the knowledge will be implemented day to day

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