Neil Degg

Neil Degg knows what the future can look like for someone from a deprived background and/or lacking in a good education. Raised in a part of Manchester with high unemployment and low educational outcomes, he was already getting into trouble by the age of six. Coupled with an emotionally absent father and a mother doing her best to keep the family together, life was always going to be a challenge.

By the age of 15, Neil was living in a homeless unit. Alienated from the kind of support network a person needs to make healthy choices, his life continued on a downward spiral. Reflecting on those times, he says, “I wasn’t thinking about how my behaviour was impacting other people. I was just trying to survive in the only way I knew how.”

Things only began to change for Neil when, at 28, he was given the opportunity to work in social care:

“I instantly resonated with that environment. I understood the challenges that young people in care faced - and those of adults who lacked an education, or were from a marginalised background. I could see why they often failed and I knew I could use my own experiences to make a positive contribution to the lives of others. It made me realise, had I received the right encouragement, education and opportunity, I could have contributed positively to society a lot sooner"

Neil launched The Training Hub in 2014 - followed by The Big Initiative in 2017.

Proudly featured in Forbes and showcased on the BBC for the outcomes achieved with children, young people and adults, The Training Hub provides training resources across multiple sectors - supporting an individual's career alongside free preventative, life skill, parental and mental health resources for all age groups.

The Training Hub believes that engagement is pivotal for an individual to be inspired to invest time in themselves. Everyone's experience of life, regardless of age, determines their ability to see the value in something. Unfortunately, life can sometimes make the possible seem impossible - but we must never stop trying to unlock each individual's potential.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional educational courses that build confidence, develop careers and promote well-being — reaching all learners, regardless of age or background. Harnessing the science of learning, we believe in global collaboration — providing a platform where experts and practitioners can share their knowledge for the greater good.

Our Passion

We are driven by a passion to help every person we engage with to become the best version of themselves.

The Training Hub prides itself on providing exceptional vocational training resources that help each individual to learn, engage and grow from birth and throughout adulthood.

The Big Initiative's sole focus is to support each person’s mental health and basic life skills, and provide practical solutions to the everyday issues that can impact a person’s life chances.


An ever growing network accessible to all.

Training material is provided by passionate experts, practitioners & exceptional sector-specific individuals who have valuable lived experiences to shape learning outcomes.

Our training recognises that every individual is unique with different learning styles and accessibility needs, so it blends games, video, reading, writing and reflective practices. As standard, every course comes with supporting material and assessments.

Learning Methodologies

There are five established learning styles: Visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic and multimodal.

The Training Hub work's hand in hand with leading scientist's from around the world to ensure our methods of creating & delivering training that embraces each learning style to ensure knowledge is retained.

Reflective practises

The Future

The Training Hub's long-term goal is to eventually reach out globally , ensuring everyone has access to exceptional vocational training to match their career ambitions. Training that is accessible for every human being regardless of background, disability or needs.

Extending free access to The Big Initiative. Preventative, life skills, parental and mental health resources that make a real difference to every child, young person or adult.

If you would like to join our team & create training material please email experts@thetraininghub.com

Our Team

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